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Late Reflections Podcast: Episode 2 – The Wild The City Installation

Following up on the first installment of my Late Reflections podcast series, here is episode 2, fresh off the press.

This time around you’re invited along on a personal tour of Tess Bunny’s Wild The City installation at Wall Street mall in Dunedin. Tess ran the installation in an attempt to raise awareness of her project. For a full working week the mall came alive with greenery and birdsong. This is the next best thing to seeing it for yourself, so have a listen.

(Download here)

If you missed out on the first episode then check it out at the ‘podcasts’ tab above or at the original post.


Late Reflections Podcast: Episode 1 – An Introduction to Wild The City

Toiling away inside is never a bad idea in Dunedin when it’s drizzly out. Well, the last week in Dunedin has been pretty drizzly out. Luckily there was some work to be done on the Late Reflections podcast series.

So, I toiled. And now I present to you the first of three episodes recorded, compiled, edited and narrated by yours truly.

The series is based around the work of Tess bunny, a talented Masters student who I’ve talked about numerous times in the past. Tess is in her final year of a Masters of Science Communication at the University of Otago. For the creative component of her thesis she undertook a spectacularly large array of activities aimed at raising public awareness about issues dear to her. And she does a pretty good job of convincing everybody else that they should hold these issues dear too.

In a nutshell, her project aims to encourage the re-integration of “wild” green spaces into arid, concrete, urban areas. This, she explains, can be achieved in a number of ways, not limited to the planting of native species and the establishment of communal veggie gardens (one carrot each please – don’t be greedy!).

But Tess also places a huge premium on the quality of the soundscapes we immerse ourselves in on a daily basis. From my perspective, this is where things really get interesting. I won’t give too much more away because I wouldn’t want to ruin the podcast. Have a listen and you might just find yourself converted to Tess’ cause.

Download here (if you’re that way inclined)

The Soundscape Podcast Series

Back in May I talked about the very interesting work of a friend of mine, Tess Bunny. Her Wild the City blog forms part of her attempt to promote the “re-wilding” of urban spaces.

Tess has had a busy last few weeks as her latest project – a week long audio-visual installation at the local mall – came to fruition and she rushed around giving lectures and meeting folk interested in her work. I was there to capture a lot of the action and the from the resulting recordings I’ll be crafting a three part podcast series. The podcasts will be arranged as follows:

Episode (1): Introductory podcast exploring the ideas and rationale behind Tess’ work.
Episode (2): An audio showcase of Tess’ ‘Wild The City’ installation at Dunedin’s Wall Street Mall complex.
Episode (3): The making of and discuss the ideas behind Tess’ forthcoming soundscape film.

I’ll be debuting one episode a week starting August 23 so stay tuned.