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Save Our Sounds

I’ve just started a new “Resources” section of the blog (that’s it at the top of the page) where I draw your attention to important websites, journals, foundations and projects covering issues related to acoustic ecology.

The first site on the list, save our sounds, is an extremely informative and approachable one set up by the BBC in order to raise awareness of acoustic ecology, soundscapes and the decline thereof. The site features an interactive “sound map” which allows readers all around the world the opportunity to upload their own endangered sounds. After checking that out, I highly recommend you take some time to listen to the save our sounds documentaries – two 25 minute podcasts that serve as a perfect introduction to the world of acoustic ecology. I’ll be taking a few tips from these guys as I put together some podcasts I have planned for the near future.

Over the next few weeks I’ll also be drawing attention to the other sites I’ve deemed worthy of inclusion in my resources section. Stay tuned… or connected… or whatever.