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The Soundscape Podcast Series

Back in May I talked about the very interesting work of a friend of mine, Tess Bunny. Her Wild the City blog forms part of her attempt to promote the “re-wilding” of urban spaces.

Tess has had a busy last few weeks as her latest project – a week long audio-visual installation at the local mall – came to fruition and she rushed around giving lectures and meeting folk interested in her work. I was there to capture a lot of the action and the from the resulting recordings I’ll be crafting a three part podcast series. The podcasts will be arranged as follows:

Episode (1): Introductory podcast exploring the ideas and rationale behind Tess’ work.
Episode (2): An audio showcase of Tess’ ‘Wild The City’ installation at Dunedin’s Wall Street Mall complex.
Episode (3): The making of and discuss the ideas behind Tess’ forthcoming soundscape film.

I’ll be debuting one episode a week starting August 23 so stay tuned.