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The Soundscape Podcast Series

Back in May I talked about the very interesting work of a friend of mine, Tess Bunny. Her Wild the City blog forms part of her attempt to promote the “re-wilding” of urban spaces.

Tess has had a busy last few weeks as her latest project – a week long audio-visual installation at the local mall – came to fruition and she rushed around giving lectures and meeting folk interested in her work. I was there to capture a lot of the action and the from the resulting recordings I’ll be crafting a three part podcast series. The podcasts will be arranged as follows:

Episode (1): Introductory podcast exploring the ideas and rationale behind Tess’ work.
Episode (2): An audio showcase of Tess’ ‘Wild The City’ installation at Dunedin’s Wall Street Mall complex.
Episode (3): The making of and discuss the ideas behind Tess’ forthcoming soundscape film.

I’ll be debuting one episode a week starting August 23 so stay tuned.


An Introduction to the Blog

After a lengthy gestation period the fruits of my imagination have finally taken pixelated physical form. Introducing the new introductory video for the Late Reflections blog.

Instead of overloading it with facts and figures I’ve tried to make it a bit of an experience. It features an immersive audio track so make sure your sound is turned up. Over the next few posts I’ll be exploring some of the themes and ideas I touch on in the video, including the fundamentals of acoustic ecology. I’ll also attempt to justify some of the outlandish claims I make.

Many thanks to the kind folk who offer their images under a CC license:

NeeZhom – Jungle photo (http://www.e-picworld.com/)
Alainim – Hilltop village in Provence
Miguel – Busy New York