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Koli Conference

All you Finnish folk out there (I know there’s hundreds of you) need to stop what you’re doing and head to Koli. Right now the International Conference of the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology is happening. Although it might be overlooked by some in favour of a certain popular sporting event there are no doubt many who have turned their back on the beautiful game and flocked to Koli to mingle with the who’s who of acoustic ecology. The Godfather himself, Murray Schafer, is along to speak, along with Hildergard Westerkamp and countless other esteemed individuals.

The topic of the conference this time around is ‘Ideologies and Ethics in the Uses and Abuses of Sound’, an intriguing theme which, according to media reports includes discussion of “the interconnectedness of peoples, nationalism and soundscapes, as well as the ethical issues of working with sound, and the productization of silence in, e.g., tourism or as a way of filling common spaces in urban settings”.

Visit the conference website here.


Linking soundscape composition and acoustic ecology

I’m veering a little from the “engineered” theme, but I thought I’d share some ideas from this interesting paper by Hildergard Westerkamp. The article posits that soundscape composition in its purest, unprocessed form is distinct from electroacoustic composition that incorporates soundscape practices by virtue of its closer association with the field acoustic ecology.

Soundscape recording with a parabolic dish

Westerkamp, on the topic of soundscape composition, tentatively suggests that:

“It’s essence is the artistic, sonic transmission of meaning about place, time, environment and listening perception”

From these variables, individual soundscape compositions achieve a distinct life of their own. It is then suggested that the soundscape composer can play an important role in raising awareness of our planet’s delicate ecological balance by making the issue audible.

Full article available here.