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Free Sample Bees

Albert Einstein once claimed, “If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe then man would only have four years of life left. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man,”. With this in mind, the recent decline of the honey bee is especially alarming. Luckily artists like Troels Folmann are trying to raise awareness about the true impact of the humble bumble bee. In this case, by making music from bees.


Chris Watson Interview

This Chris Watson Interview is a must watch for anyone interested in field recording, sound design or general innovations in sound art practice. Watson (who I have blogged about before) is arguably the world’s best field recordist and his tips and ideas are definitely worth a quick listen.

Art From the Ruins

Earthquake Aftermath - Photo by Richard Walker (CCBY)

Well, not quite art. It’s a rather simple conversion of raw scientific data into music. But boy is it effective in making the data more comprehensible, more emotional.

Tim Prebble set about converting the numerical information describing the magnitude of the recent Christchurch earthquake and subsequent aftershocks into musical form. Check out the fascinating results here. They really help to put the sheer frequency of aftershocks in perspective.


Wind Farm - Photo by freefoto.com (CCBY)

Following on from a previous post about the sonic detritus of windfarms, I’ve just been alerted about this upcoming film which documents the plight of a small community at the hands of these towering metal giants.

There’s little info available at the moment but it looks as if the film is presented in a quasi-horror feel. Definitely one to watch out for.

Bernie Krause and the Great Animal Orchestra

Animal Composer - Photo by Richard Levine (CCBY)

It’s been a while since I posted on Bernie Krause but I just received his autobiography from Amazon and its sparked new interest in his work. A quick perusal of the net lead me to this video I watched a few months ago and which is definitely worth a look for anybody interested in acoustic ecology (soundscape ecology as Krause calls it) and the environment in general.

Krause has a book coming out with the same title. Stay tuned for an update on that.

Late Reflections Podcast: Episode 3 – Sound of the City

Big City Sound and Light - Photo by Francisco Diez (CCBY)

For the final installment of the Late Reflections podcast, I present something in the creation of which I had some involvement. As yet another bow to the Wild the City string, Tess Bunny put together a team of keen young film students to make a short “soundscape film” telling the story of the sound of the city.

The film went through many iterations before assuming its final form (it still isn’t actually finished), but the ideas have remained the same.

In this episode Tess and I will run you through the story, letting you experience the sound yourself. As well as being interesting, think of it as a wee teaser for the film to come.

(Download here)

The Sonic Detritus of Wind Farming

Two major issues inevitably arise in any discussion of the viability fo wind-farms as signifciant sources of renewable energy. The first is the issue of their aesthetic impact upon the landscape. This issue was the impetus for a recent campaign lead by ex All-Black Anton Oliver and others to halt plans for large-scale wind farms in Central Otago.

The second issue is the sonic impact of wind farms. They are notoriously loud. I wasn’t aware of how loud until I saw this video and it made me rethink my position about wind-farms.

I actually like the sight of sleek, modern windmills dotted throughout scenic landscapes. But I wouldn’t be so keen on them if I were forced to deal with this kind of noise. But then, we’re going to have to make some sacrifices somewhere if we are to make a significant switch to renewable energy sources, so where will these sacrifices come?