The Acoustic Ecology Institute

The best place to go for up to the minute info about relevant issues, discoveries, trends and ideas. Particularly useful for finding the latest scientific papers and research into soundscapes and the natural world.

World Forum for Acoustic Ecology

Another big player and essential resource for those interested in developments in the world of acoustic ecology. The World Forum for Acoustic Ecology links organisations around the globe to form a powerful network of affiliation. The Forum also publishes an annual journal of acoustic ecology, Soundscape.

Save Our Sounds

Put together by the BBC, Save Our Sounds provides links to interesting articles, documentaries and info on acoustic ecology. It also hosts the Save Our Sounds map, which contains hundreds of diverse soundscapes recorded by people from all over the world.

A very thorough guide to the world of phonography – field recording. Includes sections on theory, practice and equipment as well as links to further resources.

The Quiet American

The Quiet American is run by an individual with a keen ear and contains a wonderful collection of pure field recordings and idiosyncratic compositions using those recordings as a base. Also houses a comprehensive selection of links to other interesting material.

Western Soundscape Archive

Contains an extensive collection of field recordings of the species and soundscapes of America’s West.


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