Bowing a Bonsai

A few months ago a video did the rounds that featured sound designer and composer Diego Stocco creating a musical instrument out of a tree. He carved away the branches to achieve a complementary set of pitches then proceeded to tap and bow away at them. It was a fascinating process to watch, regardless of the results, and now he’s done it again. But this time the whole affair is a little, well, smaller.

He has applied the same technique to a bonsai tree, to great effect. Stocco explains his processs:

“To determine the key I used the lowest note I could play and recorded the rest around it. Besides playing the leaves, I used bows of different sizes, a piano hammer and a paint brush.”

An interesting example of the intersection between art and nature! Check it out for yourself.

Here‘s a link with some more pictures and vids.
Here is Stocco’s official web page.


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