Trimpin's Klompen - Photo by Thomas Crenshaw (CCBY)

It’s film festival time in Dunedin again and what a good time of year it is. Among my personal highlights so far was Oscar-winning ‘A Prophet‘ and Oscar deserving ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop‘. You owe it to yourself to see both.

Those of you with an interest in D.I.Y. acoustic sonic wizardry also ought to head along and see ‘Trimpin: The Sound of Invention’. Trimpin is the single-name moniker of the eccentric German-born inventor/artist/musician whose life and work is documented in the film. And this guy is serious about his life and work. The sheer number of bizarre contraptions and gadgets he calls his own is astounding. Tours of his studio reveal the kind of cluttered wonderland usually restricted to fantastical kid’s movies. That probably has something to do with his child-like curiosity – he talks of his life being one big experiment that’s still very much going on.

The filmmaker followed Trimpin for two years and managed to capture some pretty great stuff, including the evolution of a musical collaboration with long-time envelope pushers The Kronos Quartet.

Official website here.


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