The Singing Tree/horn/thing

Photo by Keith Marshall

Continuing in the same vein as my last post, I’d like to draw your attention to a wonderful piece of engineered art that makes a positive contribution to what is presumably already a beautiful soundscape.

Jem Finer has created an autonomous musical instrument and ongoing composition dubbed, “Score for a hole in the ground”. The project works purely by the processes of nature and at least in theory should require no human intervention to continue performing as designed for many years. Water drips sourced from an uphill reservoir are the closest the composition has to a performer. As they drip and trickle onto metallic plates carefully placed by Finer many metres under the ground, their echoes and resonances travel up several pipes and are then amplified and broadcast to the forest by a giant retro gramophone trumpet. Just imagine wandering upon this while taking a stroll in the forest.

This kind of project is admirable for two main reasons. One, because it has a one off cost and provides a constantly shifting, continuous performance, enhancing awareness of the soundscape it’s situated int and two, because it uses only natural processes. This leads me to a question:

Can anybody think of some more cost-effective ways to make use such natural processes to create objects such as this? The cheaper and less technical the object is, the better.

There’s more info over at Finer’s site as well as an absolutely stunning explanatory video over here


2 responses to “The Singing Tree/horn/thing

  1. pretty! it reminds me a bit of len lye’s wind powered sculptures (also beautiful, although i’m not entirely sold on the wind wand).

  2. Yes, I feel it’s a little more subtle than the wind wand.

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