The Singing Tree

I was doing some research into the work of Bernie Krause when I stumbled across this intriguing wee clip taken from a lecture given by the man himself. Krause explains how after using a hydrophone with the ability to detect frequencies higher than we are able to hear to record from the inside of a tree trunk, he pitched the recording down seven octaves to reveal the bizarre rhythmic pulse.

It really makes one wonder what else out there is making interesting sounds that are beyond our hearing range and and on a similar note, when do we get implants that allow us to hear them? Imagine a 100,000Hz soundwalk.

Also, check out this man-made singing tree.


2 responses to “The Singing Tree

  1. I wonder if you’ve seen this:
    I came across them at Kew a couple of years ago, although they dont have a recording, its not quite as artful as yours, but beautiful none the less.
    Great blog!

    • Wow! Definitely had not heard about that place, it’s a really interesting idea and I’d love to go and check it out. I think Dunedin could definitely do with one of these. Thanks for the link 🙂

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